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About Israel Gold

Israel  the blogger, milk chocolate brown skin , wearing a white jumper on a faded grey background posing for a photograph

I am a  #blogger who loves to read , adventure into natures beauty and travel the world where possible. I have travelled to Sydney , Hong Kong , New York , Dallas Texas , Poland , Germany ,The Netherlands , Spain ,Ukraine , Czechia  Switzerland ,France Hungary , Togo ,Benin .

During the pandemic , I noticed that I wanted to find an escape that would enable  relating solitude  more bearable. I sought to #discover advantages of loneliness and  a  lack  of social outdoor engagement as an opportunity to  engage in hobbies that provide a healthy form of #fulfilment.   I found a way to appropriate creative imagination during  the pandemic up on till the moment very intriguing , even though there were  changes in society  that affected how  we live and do things around the globe.

I found #story telling a worthwhile  escapism destination . As a result I nurtured the desire to blog and connect story telling and showing through #photography , #videos and #writing. I am  currently a civil servant  although I studied #chemical #engineering at the #University of #Leeds .  


In my spare time I enjoy  making videos , taking photos and reading books , cooking , baking. I started my journey several years ago with the readership of books by Danielle Steel and John Grisham ,Mary J Staples ,Clive Cussler ,Teju Cole ,Sandra Brown, Toni Morrison, Jackie Collins, Joan Collins , having read about interesting characters was not enough ,  I ventured into the world of travel to connect with  interesting geographical sites linked with where these  characters  lived , hence my love for travel and the education I  gained from  seeing other cultures and diversity. I hope you enjoy your journey.

If you fancy subscribing to my mailing list , you are very much welcome to do so.


University of Leeds


My  Masters degree was i in Chemical Engineering

My research thesis was about the hydrothermal processing  of Cerium doped Zinc -Oxide Nanoparticles.

I graduated with  honours  .

University of Leeds


My  bachelors  degree was in chemical engineering .

My undergraduate project  was about the conceptual process design to manufacture   spray dried detergent.

I graduated with   2nd class honours .

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